About One Point Medical Centre Services

One Point Medical, was established according to simple, guiding principles. They underpin the philosophy of the practice and will stand as aspirations for all of those who work here.

Quality. We will strive to achieve world class standards of Medical Care and will maintain them by continually updating our knowledge and measuring our performance.

Service. We will strive to exceed our patient’s expectations.

Compassion. We will demonstrate our commitment to care by providing a sympathetic and supportive environment for our patients, their families and for each other.

Integrity. We will aim to adhere to the highest professional standards and moral principles with a commitment to trust, honesty, confidentiality, respect and transparency.

Teamwork. We will collaborate and share knowledge to benefit our patients, our staff , other colleagues and the wider community.

Innovation. We will welcome change and encourage innovation, continually seeking to develop more efficient ways to achieve our goals.

Comfortable Waiting Area


A peaceful space full of natural light, books and magazines, plants, music and friendly reception staff.

Children’s Play Room


A colourful room where kids can be entertained with books, toys, drawing materials or DVDs.

Disabled Access


A separate entry for patients using walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters or an ambulance.

Treatment Room


A well equipped mini theatre and nurse to assist your doctor with special procedures.

Dorevitch Pathology


For all your pathology and medical diagnostic services. Available on site from 9 am to 12 noon daily.

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