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Please Note: Novel Coronavirus

If you suspect you may have the coronavirus disease you MUST call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398 prior to visiting the practice.

Reported symptoms include fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties.

Source: The Department of Health and Human Services

We are currently advising patients to please book online

For those who need to contact reception directly, this will help reduce call-waiting times.

The essence of a GP is primary care, providing the role of a medical gatekeeper – the one point at which all of someones needs are managed all the time for a true and full medical experience.

Without this primary care role the pathway to proper health care is no where near as efficient and secondary (specialist) or tertiary (hospital) levels of health management are less effective.

One Point Medical provides cohesion and consistency for all of your health care needs.

Look what’s new…

Late Night Hours Available

Can’t get to the doctors until after work? We have appointments after 5:30pm available with Dr Joel Chan till 7:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. *Please note ADHD assessments are not available during late night hours.

Looking for a GP

We are currently seeking a GP with mental health interest or experience for part time availability. Candidates willing to work one Saturday a month highly regarded. For more information please contact [email protected]

Same day appointments

We now have appointments available on the day. Please book online or contact reception for more information.

Reduced rate for kids under 10

One point Medical is now offering a reduced rate for all kids under 10 years of age. Note that the full fee applies to children over 10 years of age. Please ask at reception for more information.

Low level laser therapy

An exciting new opportunity exists for patients at One Point Medical. Dr Juliet Froomes is now offering Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). More about how LLT can treat persistent muscle injury or pain can be found on our laser therapy page.

Health Related News

headaches source - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Headaches & detecting the source

Headaches are one of the most common ailments we experience, the symptoms and pain of which vary greatly. Whether short term or a regular occurrence, this pain has little to do with the brain. This is because although the brain receives pain…
Immune system boosting before winter - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Immune system boosting before winter

It seems that for some of us our immune system starts to take a knock around this time of year. This could be due to the fluctuation in weather or being caught out in the cold. It may also be the colder weather prompting a change in diet and…
Baby cues - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Baby cues & understanding body language

A baby learns to talk in the first two years of life, and in this timeframe a wide variety of developmental milestones are passed that contribute to the skills needed to communicate. Being understood before these first words, can be frustrating…
Happiness and its healthy rewards - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Happiness & Its Healthy Ingredients

The experience of happiness is different from person to person. Some find it elusive and short lived, whist others seem to attract happiness with ease, having plenty to share with those around them. Although we know it when we feel it, the…
Hydration for health in all seasons - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran - One Point Medical

Hydration for health in all seasons

Something we are most likely reminded of in the warmer months, hydration is best considered all year round. The daily recommendation is two litres of water, which equates to about eight glasses. This can literally be a bit hard to swallow,…
Self Esteem For Teenagers - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Building Self Esteem For Teenagers

A fine balance is self esteem. Too little will see negative feelings take hold, affecting motivation, relationships and the capacity to cope, and ultimately our overall wellbeing. Too much leads to an air of superiority, smugness through boasting,…
Heart disease - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Moves to head off heart disease

When it comes to heart disease it is wise to listen to both your heart and mind. This is especially true as the symptoms of heart problems may be less dramatic than the movies would have you think. Rather the signs can be more subtle and…
Kids Health this Summer- GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Smarter Kids Health This Summer

Swimming, picnics and holidays all come to mind when summer is mentioned to children and adults alike, so keeping your focus on all the aspects of kids health can understandably be overlooked. We are keen to enjoy the outdoors, and although…
Osteoporosis and boosting bone health - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Osteoporosis & Boosting Bone Health

If when thinking of osteoporosis, a thin elderly lady with a stooped posture comes to mind, then think again. Although a classic example of this bone disease, there are quite a few other factors to consider. Knowing and acting on them earlier,…
food hygiene and health eating - GP Clinic South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran

Is food hygiene top of your healthy eating list?

High quality, fresh food makes up a major slice of every healthy diet, yet this requires effort, part of which involves having proper food hygiene high on the list of priorities. Up to the point of purchase most food has run the gauntlet…
sneezing allergy gp south-yarra

Surviving the sneezing season

The time of year for sneezing appears to coincide with the combination of spring and windy weather. Many would attribute this to hay fever and more specifically pollen. Yet not all flowering plants effect those with hay fever and as the most…
Stress Management GP South Yarra, Toorak & Prahran in Melbourne

The role of relaxation in stress management

Life seems to accelerate with age, so consequently relaxation as part of stress management, can suddenly become a priority. Short term positive stressors that we experience can make us proactive and more effective in our daily activities.…

Achieving better quality sleep

During our waking lives the main health focus is towards a balanced diet and regular exercise, yet quality sleep can impact both of these and is often overlooked. As we spend roughly a third of our life sleeping, it stands to reason that…
healthy food gp clinic south yarra

Where is the hidden sugar hiding?

The major food culprits containing high sugar are easy to spot. Soft drinks, candies and cakes. But what about the less obvious ones we consume under the guise of ‘healthy food’. Before we look at the hidden sources of sugar, it is important…

'Manopause' the misnomer.

Yes, you read correctly 'manopause'. A take on the term 'menopause', it has been used to describe the changes in hormone production that men experience as they age. In other words 'male menopause'. To compare what men experience as they age…
Healthy video games? - GP South Yarra - One Point Medical

Healthy video games?

Healthy video games. Is there such a thing? From back pain to the increased chance of heart disease, there are many reasons to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. As such sitting for long periods in front of a screen playing video games is not…

Keeping a handle on portion sizes

With so much dieting information these days it is hard to know exactly which advice to follow. One thing they all have in common is that weight gain or loss can be attributed to calorie control. Food portions are getting bigger. Being aware…

Pre-Diabetes and preventing its progression

Whether you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes or want to avoid diabetes altogether there are certain things you can do to improve your odds. Pre-diabetes occurs when Blood Glucose Levels (BGLs) are higher than normal, yet not high enough…

Skin protection at the snow

Whether you are hitting the slopes this ski season or just sightseeing, skin protection should be a priority. Although some great ski gear is available to keep you warm, skin and eye protection are just as important to stay comfortable. We…
mens health week

Positive moves for Men's Health Week

Promoting the health and well being of men and boys is the aim of Men's Health Week. Based on the areas of health that men need support, here is a list of simple changes that could improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the men in our…

How to compliment a flu vaccination

To effectively protect against influenza, a flu vaccination is the first port of call. However there are some good health habits to consider which will provide additional protection from the flu and the common cold. Some of the following tips…

What offers two bites at the food pyramid?

Most of us are aware that the key to eating well is to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods. Plenty of advice is available including the easily digested ‘Healthy Eating pyramid’ supplied by Nutrition Australia. The pyramid reflects the latest…

Hand Hygiene For The Flu Season

After the flu vaccination, good hygiene is next in line as defence against the flu. There has previously been limited evidence on which is the most effective hand hygiene technique for cleaning hands. A study lead by Jacqui Reilly, a professor…

Reducing indoor air pollution with plants

Air pollution is something that most of us identify as being outdoors. Yet air circulating inside buildings has the combination of polluted air that comes in from outside, along with pollutants from indoor sources. These indoor pollutants…
GP South Yarra - Cholesterol - good or bad?

Cholesterol - What’s good, what’s bad?

Cholesterol has prompted a great deal of discussion over the years. Currently there is no doubt at all that a high blood cholesterol level is a significant risk factor for coronary artery disease. Even so this should be considered along with…

Fats in your diet – good or bad?

Fat is an essential part of every diet. The body needs fat to function properly. Fat is an excellent source of energy and healthy diets should contain a certain amount of fat. Too much fat however or the wrong types of fats can lead to a number…
Obesity, inflammation and osteoarthritis

Obesity, inflammation and osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disease that results from the breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. Loading the body with excess weight and older age are commonly seen as the contributing factors for osteoarthritis. The part…
Skin checks - One Point Medical

Skin Check ABCDE Guideline

Most people are proactive when it comes to skin protection from the sun. So why not have the same proactive attitude to keeping a regular eye on skin spots and moles? There are different types of skin cancer, with some being more dangerous…
Travel Vaccinations Melbourne - One Point Medical - South Yarra, Toorak and Prahran

Travel Health Checks & Vaccinations.

Adding travel health to your list of items to take care of before setting off overseas should be at the top of your list. Whether it be an adventure to a far flung corner of the globe or just heading off on a routine business trip, preparing…

Pets are good medicine

Owning a pet can improve your health in many ways but as to how much is open to interpretation. For example a study on the relationship between pet ownership and risk factors for cardiovascular disease indicates that pets do have a positive…

What to expect with the 5:2 diet.

Fast twice a week. Eat regularly the rest. That is the essence of the 5:2 diet and why it has gained widespread popularity in recent years. One of the attractions of this diet is that it breaks the traditional model of dieting where you…

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