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Historically men have a reputation for avoiding health care but times are changing.

More interest has been generated recently in taking a proactive approach to medical issues specific to males such as Andropause and prostate cancer, along with more general issues such as mental and sexual health, nutrition, weight and lifestyle management.

Mental Health Assessment

One Point Medical provides Australia’s most comprehensive primary care mental health assessment service using Loffty, an online self-assessment and treatment planning tool. When you call to book a mental health related appointment, we also create a personalised online Loffty assessment for you. Here are the steps to using our Loffty service:

Step 1:
Book a One Point Medical mental health assessment appointment and pay a $125 deposit. You will receive an email with a link to your personal Loffty assessment. Click on the link, pay the $59 Loffty fee and complete your Loffty assessment before your appointment with your One Point Medical doctor.

Step 2:
Attend your appointment at One Point Medical. Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive mental health check, review your Loffty report and create a Loffty treatment plan. They will discuss which modes of treatment may be suitable and monitor the response to any treatment that is decided upon. The total cost of this comprehensive review is between $350 and $425 depending on your GP (you have already paid a $125 deposit). You may also be able to claim back between $113.30 and $150.00 from Medicare.

Step 3:
Depending on the outcome of your first appointment, you may be referred to a psychologist (this may be partially claimable through Medicare) or a psychiatrist for certain diagnostic confirmation.

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Sexual Health Screening

An unwelcome intrusion into our sex lives, STIs (sexually transmitted infections), can have serious health consequences. With over twenty five different STD’s in our community, correct diagnosis and treatment are essential.

Your sexual preference, regularity of sexual intercourse and medical history will all be determining factors as to how often your GP recommends this check. Keep in mind though, that a sexual health check is just like a regular trip to the doctor, with our GP’s providing professional treatment along with advice for any concerns you may have.

Men’s Health Check

Our ‘Men’s Health Check’ is an efficient way to screen and pinpoint issues that could develop into future health problems.

Optimising weight increasing exercise, positively modifying lifestyle and improving nutrition are some of the ways in which men can develop a more proactive approach to better health and wellbeing whilst mitigating the health risks which increase with age.

A men’s health check can also create an opportunity to address age related problems such as the Andropause (male version of the Menopause), prostate cancer and other problems that are unique to males.

Weight & Lifestyle Management

Feeling good within yourself and being physically healthy go hand in hand. As such making good lifestyle choices will aid reaching any physical or mental health goals you may have.

We are able to offer nutritional advice, encouraging you to lose weight slowly and safely, whilst offering support and  advice on how to maintain a healthy weight for the long term.

Living what seem to be busier lives than ever before, maintaining a healthy balance with work and life is increasing difficult. Staying active, happy relationships, sleeping and eating well, are all part of a good lifestyle and we can help you achieve success in these and many other areas.

Category A rating

One Point Medical has once again received a category A rating on accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety within the practice.

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