Mental Health Assessment at One Point Medical

Comprehensive mental health assessment and diagnosis are part of the service that One Point Medical doctors provide. In fact, One Point Medical is a leading provider of Adult ADHD assessment and management services in Australasia.

One Point Medical doctors use Loffty, the world’s most comprehensive mental health self-assessment tool that helps psychologists, GPs and other mental health specialists diagnose, treat and monitor depression more effectively. It is a secure online self-assessment that you do in the privacy of your own home and which is used by our doctors to detect, diagnose, treat and monitor your mental health. Loffty generates more detailed information, more quickly to help our doctors make more accurate and more timely diagnoses. They can then make better informed treatment decisions which lead to you feeling better, faster.


When you call One Point Medical to book a mental health related appointment, our receptionists create a personalised Loffty self-assessment for you to complete online. The steps to using our Loffty service are:

Step 1:
Book a One Point Medical mental health assessment appointment and pay a $125 deposit. You will receive an email with a link to your personal Loffty assessment. Click on the link, pay the $59 fee and complete your Loffty assessment before your appointment with your One Point Medical doctor.

Step 2:
Attend your appointment at One Point Medical. Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive mental health check, review your Loffty report and create a Loffty treatment plan. They will discuss which modes of treatment may be suitable and monitor the response to any treatment that is decided upon. The total cost of this comprehensive review is between $350 and $425 depending on your GP (you have already paid a $125 deposit). You may also be able to claim back between $113.30 and $150.00 from Medicare.

Step 3:
Depending on the outcome of your first appointment, you may be referred to a psychologist (which you can also partially claim back through Medicare) or a psychiatrist for certain diagnosis confirmations and/or medication prescriptions if necessary.

All of our One Point Medical doctors manage depression and anxiety issues. Some also have significant experience in diagnosing and managing more complex mental health issues such as Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder and Psychotic illness.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Despite being one of the most inherited and most common psychiatric disorders, fewer than one in five adults with ADHD are currently diagnosed and/or treated. Often a diagnosis in a child will lead to investigation of the family history with the possibility of uncovering the diagnosis in a parent.

As Adult ADHD can present with a range of behaviours, for which there might be any number of underlying causes, it is often misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. Adult ADHD is also one of the more difficult mental health issues to accurately diagnose.

At One Point Medical, we specialise in getting this diagnosis correct from the outset, so our doctors use Loffty to help them conduct a comprehensive multi-condition mental health assessment.

Bipolar Disorder

Everyone has mood swings from time to time, but the difference with Bipolar Disorder and ‘mood swings’ is that these moods become extreme and interfere with a person’s professional and personal life.

Bipolar Disorder develops in about 2% of people at some time in their lives. It is most likely to develop in your teens or twenties. Its most severe form used to be called ‘manic depression’ and it is most likely a combination of hereditary and other causes. Bipolar Disorder can also have similar symptoms to Adult ADHD so by discussing your particular situation and undertaking a comprehensive Loffty assessment, your One Point Medical doctor will be able to accurately determine if Bipolar Disorder is present and make better informed treatment or referral decisions.

Psychotic Illness

As a group of serious illnesses which disrupt the functioning of the brain, Psychotic Disorders interfere with a person’s thinking, judgments, emotions and communication. Ultimately, they are unable to distinguish what is real, so there is a loss of contact with reality and a subsequent inability to cope with daily life.

Even so, the most severe psychotic disorders can usually be treated with medication and support. Obviously, the sooner treatment starts, the better and this will vary depending on the condition and the patient. With correct diagnosis, treatment and management of the condition it is possible to improve quality of life especially with the support of family and friends.

Category A rating

One Point Medical has once again received a category A rating on accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety within the practice.

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