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Health requirements vary from woman to woman depending on which stage of life you may be moving through – puberty, adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth, middle age, menopause or mature age.

‘Well Women’s Health Checks’ specific to these stages of life can be arranged and early interventions put in place. Weight management, good nutrition and complimentary exercise programs can be integrated into your overall health care strategy to improve your quality of life and wellbeing.

Mental Health Assessment

One Point Medical provides Australia’s most comprehensive primary care mental health assessment service using Loffty, an online self-assessment and treatment planning tool. When you call to book a mental health related appointment, we also create a personalised online Loffty assessment for you. Here are the steps to using our Loffty service:

Step 1:
Book a One Point Medical mental health assessment appointment and pay a $125 deposit. You will receive an email with a link to your personal Loffty assessment. Click on the link, pay the $59 Loffty fee and complete your Loffty assessment before your appointment with your One Point Medical doctor.

Step 2:
Attend your appointment at One Point Medical. Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive mental health check, review your Loffty report and create a Loffty treatment plan. They will discuss which modes of treatment may be suitable and monitor the response to any treatment that is decided upon. The total cost of this comprehensive review is between $350 and $425 depending on your GP (you have already paid a $125 deposit). You may also be able to claim back between $113.30 and $150.00 from Medicare.

Step 3:
Depending on the outcome of your first appointment, you may be referred to a psychologist (this may be partially claimable through Medicare) or a psychiatrist for certain diagnostic confirmation.

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Sexual Health Screening

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can have serious health consequences at any stage of life. Since there are over twenty-five different STD’s in our community, seeking a diagnosis from a doctor is essential.

A sexual health check is just like any other visit to the doctor where you can discuss any issues or concerns that may be impacting your life.

For physical and mental wellbeing, it’s ideal to have sexual health issues treated as soon as possible, particularly if you want to continue an active sex life. Its is also important as some conditions can permanently affect your fertility or cause chronic pelvic pain.

Sexual preference, the regularity of sexual intercourse and medical history are all taken into consideration as to how often your GP recommends sexual health screening.


From planning and preparing for a pregnancy, through to early pregnancy and labour, to what follows, we are with you every step of the way.

The physical, emotional, mental and social challenges that can be faced before and during pregnancy can bed eased with good advice, careful management and treatment where needed. After all pregnancy is the beginning of the journey into parenthood, so having a solid foundation is worth the time and effort.

We can talk you though what is needed for each stage of your unique journey. By letting us assist you in being fit and healthy when planning a pregnancy and maintaining this throughout pregnancy you can concentrate on getting ready for what lies ahead.


A natural event for women, Menopause can range from the relatively mild, such as hot flushes, through to more extreme symptoms  where support can be sought.

We can help prepare you for self managing this life stage to overcome any physical or emotional hurdles. Management of menopause symptoms can range from adjustments to diet and lifestyle to medication and counselling.

Weight management

There are many options available for those of us attempting to reach our ideal weight. Yet it is important before starting any weight management program, to have your medical history and current state of health assessed.

Based on this information our doctors will be able to guide you towards what method and level of program suits you most. By starting with a reputable weight management program, you will be able to lose weight slowly and safely. Our doctors will then be able to provide support and advice on how to maintain a healthy weight for the long term.

Nutrition & Exercise programs

Staying strong and healthy is essential for our quality of life, so investing time in this area has multiple benefits.

It would be great to be an expert at everything, but sometimes we need advice to achieve our goals and maintain the standard once we are there. Having the science to back up this is essential for success and we are able to provide the information and connections for your individual health needs.

Category A rating

One Point Medical has once again received a category A rating on accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety within the practice.

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