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Your One Point family physician has the role of managing and co-ordinating all of your health care needs over time.

We are available six days a week to deal with any of your acute or long term medical problems. Our doctors will manage those problems and involve other specialty services as part of a team of professionals dedicated to your complete medical care.

We will maintain a comprehensive medical history of your state of health and regularly update this record through time. We will organise continuity of care by managing your medical concerns and by liaising with you, your specialists and any hospitals you may visit over time.

Having a good GP who keeps thorough records will save valuable time and complement the care provided to you by other doctors.

One Point Medical provides you with complete, consistent, high quality health care.

Women’s Health

Health requirements vary from woman to woman depending on which stage of life they may be moving through – puberty, adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth, middle age, menopause or mature age.

‘Well Women’s Health Checks’ specific to these stages of life can be arranged and early interventions put in place. Weight management, good nutrition and complimentary exercise programs can be integrated into your overall health care strategy to improve your quality of life and wellbeing. read more…

Men’s Health

Historically men have a reputation for avoiding health care but times are changing. More interest has been generated recently in taking a proactive approach to medical issues specific to males.

Our ‘Men’s Health Check’ is an efficient way to screen and pinpoint issues that could develop into future health problems.

Optimising weight increasing exercise, positively modifying lifestyle and improving nutrition are some of the ways in which men can develop a more proactive approach to better health and wellbeing whilst mitigating the health risks which increase with age.

A men’s health check can also create an opportunity to address age related problems such as the Andropause (male version of the Menopause), prostate cancer and other problems that are unique to males. read more…

Children’s Health

As parents we always seek out the best for our children, especially wanting them to be happy and healthy.

Immediate assistance for acute conditions can be addressed quickly and efficiently at One Point Medical. If necessary, the best specialist assistance can be arranged as required. Keeping up with what children require is a challenge because their needs change as they grow. Feeding, sleep problems, developmental milestones, immunisation, management of behavioural problems and puberty are all common issues to consider.

For a proactive approach our ‘Well Kids Health Check’ can take care of any concerns relating to their development and help to map out the best approach for their future wellbeing. read more…

Teenager’s Health

Becoming a healthy adult requires a healthy passage through adolescence. This involves both physical and mental development, at a time when there is increasing freedom of choice, yet a lack of experience to adapt and cope with many of these sudden changes. Rapid growth, weight changes, secondary sexual characteristics and acne can all lead to self consciousness.

Our ‘Healthy Teen Check’ takes into account these continuing challenges to help make the transition from childhood to adulthood a more positive experience through open discussion, monitoring changes and treating any problems that may arise.

Strategies to cope with more complex relationships and the introduction of topics such as sex, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure and bullying, can be useful. Recognising and dealing with these problems can improve the development of social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle. read more…

Teenager's Health GP Melbourne

Loffty Mental Health Assessment

Loffty Mental Health Assessments are part of the service that One Point Medical doctors provide.

Initially a secure online self-assessment screening test is performed using Loffty Mental Health Assessment prior to the appointment with the doctor so that it can be reviewed before being discussed in person. Loffty Mental Health Assessments ensure accurate diagnosis and automatically formulates a Mental Health Plan and subsequent treatment review that best addresses your psychological needs.

All of our doctors manage depression and anxiety issues.

Some of our doctors also have a particular interest and a great deal of experience in diagnosing and managing more complex mental health problems such as Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder and Psychotic illness. read more…

Skin Health – Spot & Mole Checks

Fun in the sun requires diligence with sunscreen and covering up as promoted in the slip/slop/slap campaign.

For best practice health care, it is wise to have your skin checked annually for changes that you may not be aware of. Catching troublesome growths early can reduce risk and aid recovery from skin cancers, skin infections and dermatitis.

Unwanted or suspicious spots and lumps can be treated in the surgery, using cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) or can be removed surgically under local anaesthetic by one of our skilled doctors in the specially designed procedure room. read more…

Category A rating

One Point Medical has received a category A rating on accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety within the practice.

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