Positive moves for Men’s Health Week

mens health week

Promoting the health and well being of men and boys is the aim of Men’s Health Week. Based on the areas of health that men need support, here is a list of simple changes that could improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the men in our lives.

Make your bed when you get up.

Simple and easily achieved, this small task is a positive start to the day. One small task ticked off early in the day can lead to successfully completing other jobs. Alas, should your day not work out as planned then at the very least you will have a neatly made bed to come home to.

Sing a tune in the shower – really loud and with your full range of good and bad octaves.

Why: Singing is liberating, encourages deep breathing, the sound resonance can be a mood changer and at the very least entertain those who are listening.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Why: A hearty and healthy breakfast is the best way to fuel your body for the day and a small meal before bedtime will be easier to digest and aid sleeping. Porridge with toppings such as banana and honey or blueberries and yoghurt is a good start and a tuna or chickpea salad is light enough for dinner.

Pick up some flowers on the way to work.

Why: Looking for a non-caffeinated pick me up at the start of your day, then try a bunch of flowers. Non “morning people” report feeling happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the day and regardless of the research, having flowers on your desk will brighten up your workspace.

Put a 30 minute egg timer on your work desk and go for a short walk when the sand runs out.

Why: Having a break will improve your concentration, the extra blood flow will make your heart stronger and if you really stretch your legs the endorphins released will lift your mood. Weather permitting walk outside for a boost of vitamin D and some fresh air.

Give someone a genuine and heartfelt compliment and make an effort to thank people more often.

Why: It feels good to make others feel good about themselves. You never know they might return the compliment, providing smiles all round. Also making the effort to say ‘thank-you’ is even easier and by offering some gratitude may influence a more positive attitude.

Count down from a 100 when things don’t work out.

Why: Whether you are cut off in traffic, lock yourself out or are losing your patience with someone, counting down will slow you down, reducing stress and giving you the space to make a calm and calculated decision.

Find a meditating type task at the end of the day.

Why: Cleaning the dishes, playing catch or pulling out some weeds in the garden are the types of receptive activity perfect for winding down at the end of the day and unlike watching television will achieve something in the process.

Check your pillow before bed. If you fold it in half and it stays that way, throw it out.

Why: You need a pillow that supports your head and neck properly while you sleep. You will need quality sleep to attempt the above techniques and a good nights rest will set you up for success.

And finally special note must be made for those who contract the Man Flu.

Remember, although it is not an actual medical condition, most men will advise for you to take extra special care. A nice bowl of your favourite soup on the couch in your dressing gown watching your favourite sporting program or action movie is recommended. The true cure, female sympathy, may also be sought but best to have the soup on hand just in case.
Why: Because you are special, deserve a break and only you can appreciate how bad your man flu really is.

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